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Cubox Strand

Revolutionise your beach bar and create a lasting experience for your guests

CUBOX is a mobile, individually customisable, autonomous kiosk, with integrated photovoltaic modules to generate electricity. The energy collected is stored in high-capacity batteries or passed into the mains. The robust, durable platform is available in 2 sizes and can be extended on a modular basis right up to a high-tech version.

  • CUBOX 1C
  • CUBOX 2C

Modern yet timeless design merges with applications of the latest technology to create a new kind of beach feeling without compare. Independence from local infrastructure, complete absence of annoying noise and emissions and versatile layout options open up completely new perspectives. Add value to your beach. Create a striking visual theme and, at the same time, make a contribution to environmental protection. That’s how you can make your beach more attractive and gain custom.

The increasing complexity of laws and authorities’ regulations, the requirements placed on layouts for bars, retail areas and charging stations are all rising. At the same time, guests are increasingly tending to prefer to spend their time in attractive and, at the same time, environmentally friendly places. In order to guarantee this, facilities on beaches have to fulfil many requirements, both with regard to selection of the right location and when configuring and operating the complete system.

Today, the challenge for the operator is bringing together all of the requirements – ease of installation and removal, changing location, environmental compatibility, emissions limits for noise and emissions, employee health and safety along with power and water supply – to yield a harmonious entity, whilst also making an active contribution to environmental protection. HBT offers all the necessary components, technology and processes. With CUBOX you can easily fulfil all these requirements and create a beach experience with the greatest future sustainability that the market can offer.

Be it for a luxury hotel, private beach or your own island: with CUBOX, the mobile energy pavilion, you can impress your guests by offering them an attractive, functional and environmentally friendly oasis of wellbeing.


CUBOX beach bar variants

Lockable, mobile energy pavilion

The spectrum covers everything from refreshment bars at sports and music events to sophisticated cocktail bars in VIP areas, as well as ice-cream stands, snack bars, sales counters and games stations. The portfolio is rounded  off by self-service components for unattended sales in exposed locations.



CUBOX Pergula
A new form of pergola: elegant and yet robust, with solar panels on the roof providing power any time of the day. Offer your guests the opportunity to charge their phones, listen to the radio or chill drinks, right where there’s no mains electricity available.