CUBOX kiosk benefits and features

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CUBOX benefits

  • Clean solar power, stored in high-capacity batteries
  • Outstanding design captures plenty of attention
  • Maximum potential for customisation
  • Mobile system offering the highest level of deployment location flexibility


Product characteristics

  • Simplest possible handling and transport
  • Environmentally friendly operation, devoid of emissions or noise
  • Independent of local infrastructure
  • Robust, high-quality materials
  • Flexible spatial concept with versatile usage
  • Custom branding
  • Numerous equipment options
  • Protection from sunshine and rain with flaps deployed.


Photovoltaic power in its finest form
Clean lines and the contrast between black photovoltaic modules and white fibreglass panels attract plenty of attention. Elegant curves, reminiscent of modern yacht design, confer a particular levity on CUBOX. Nevertheless, it is structurally robust and highly durable, even against strong winds and frequent transportation.

Ease of handling saves money
The CUBOX concept makes for extremely rapid setting up and shutting down, and allows operation by just one person. Such simple and, at the same time, highly efficient operation helps to reduce training time as well as costs of servicing and operation.

The very latest technology ensures high efficiency
With its perfectly matched components, the pioneering technology behind CUBOX complies with all structural and electrical regulations. Its self-supporting and extremely stable structure guarantee exceptional durability. Moreover, once deployed, the flaps offer protection from rain and sunshine.

No need for electricity supply thanks to solar power
With CUBOX you’re independent of local power and water supplies. CUBOX’s energy efficiency of 95% is way above classical PV installations and ensures that all devices are continuously supplied with solar electricity generated on board. There will be no noise or emissions to disturb your guests.

Solar power by night too
High-capacity storage batteries allow operation long into the night. If required, the batteries can also be monitored remotely.
That means confidence where power supplies are unreliable.

Security of power supply
CUBOX  can also be supplied with electricity via the external power connection, for example if you wish to operate high-powered equipment. By the same means, excess solar power can be delivered to the mains.

The four flaps are fitted with high security locks and offer a high level of security for all the items you may want to store in CUBOX.

CUBOX is easy to transport with a fork-lift truck, mobile crane or trailer. The exterior dimensions also allow shipping by standard container, no problem.

Flexible spatial concept
The two basic sizes of CUBOX, 1C and 2C, can be extended on a modular basis. Ingenious fundamental layout creates interior space with optimum usability.

Air conditioning, privacy-glazing, lounge furniture, drinks chiller, sound system and inductive phone charging are just a few examples from the long list of equipment options.

Custom branding
CUBOX’s eye-catching appearance marks it out for marketing purposes. Take advantage of the glass fibre panels on the sides and outside surfaces of the set-up to display your advertising or gain sponsors for financial support.