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CUBOX target groups


Owners of private islands, beaches Bars
People with large gardens Bars
Foundations Bars and the like
Hotels and resorts Bars
Hotel planners Bars
Architects and landscape planners Bars, info-points, charging stations for e-mobility, bus stops
Museums Ticket booths, bars, info-points
Trade fairs & exhibitions Trade fair stands
Restaurants Outdoor bars
Beach operations Bars, game stations, sales stands
Discotheques and clubs Outdoor bars
Casinos Reception lounges
Golf courses Bars
Camp sites Outlying bars, snack bars, launderettes
Harbours and yacht marinas Reception offices, bars
Inland canal operators Supply depots
Amusement parks Ticket desks, bars, snack bars, info-points
Cycle paths Refreshment and charging stops
Nature parks Ticket offices, bars, snack bars, info-points
Wildlife parks Drone-charging stations, observation platforms
Horse-racing courses Ticket offices, bars, snack bars, info-points
Racing circuits (Formula 1 & others) Bars, ticket desks, security posts
Shopping malls and supermarkets Game stations, bars, info-points
Universities Bars, snack bars, info-points
University caterers Outlying bars, snack and sales points
Schools Mobile e-learning units
Diving schools Outlying diving bases
Launderettes Mobile launderettes
Radio & TV stations DJ stages
Provision of public advertising Bus stops
Communities and regions Info-points, charching stations for e-mobility, bus stops
Tourist organisations Tourist attractions, monuments
Ticket offices, bars City planners
City planners Info-points, charging stations for e-mobility, bus stops
Vineyards Wine-tasting venues
Construction companies Outlying supply units
Building developers Info points, presentation lounges
Agriculture Watering holes, farm shop sales counters
(Outlying) fuel stations Offices, bars, snack bars
Hospitals, medical facilities Mobile medical units
Car rental companies (Key handover) stations at car parks
Airports Rental car parks, external check in & luggage desks
Event companies Bars, snack bars, info-points
Event suppliers Bars, snack bars, info-points
Marketing agencies Presentation lounges, units for roadshows
Carmakers (BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Tesla) Presentation lounges, units for roadshows
Branded goods producers (Nestle, LVMH...) Presentation lounges, units for roadshows
Power companies Presentation lounges, units for roadshows
Governments Security posts, info-points
State authorities Info-points
Aid organisations, NGOs Disaster relief, vaccination points
Military Outlying military posts, border security posts
Police Outlying police stations
Security companies Outposts
Banks Outdoor bank counters, cashpoints