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Allow yourself the freedom to do your business wherever you want. The CUBOX ECO generates a lot of clean solar power, which you can either feed into the grid or store in powerful batteries. 4 KWp (CUBOX 1C ECO) or even 7,6 KWp (CUBOX 3C ECO) are at your disposal. This allows you to easily feed different appliances and you can work completely independent of external power sources or annoying diesel generators.

Set up your CUBOX as you wish, e.g. as a bar, food stall, info point, pop-up store or much more. The slim steel frame is extremely robust and offers you a maximum of interior space for your individual configuration. The open flaps protect your guests from sun and rain. After closing time you can lock the CUBOX for the night and store everything important inside. Transport the CUBOX by forklift, crane truck or ship and place it wherever the sun shines.

Surprisingly low prices and the elimination of ongoing energy costs increase the profitability of your venture.

CUBOX 1C ECO: Dimensions 2,34 x 2.,34 x 2,49 m, solar power output 4 KWp
From EUR 22.320,00

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